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Furniture made for you

Tell us what kind of furniture you dream about, illustrate it to us with photos, or ask us to design exactly the kind of furniture that your home needs. The product you wish for may be similar to our existing furniture or something entirely different and we will work with you to design and create a product that is perfect for your home.

We have made custom dining tables, living room tables, writing tables, cashier counter, clothes stands, benches, and more, please see ”Tilattujen tuotteiden galleria” to view a selection of the custom products.

The way our projects run is as follows:

Please email us at or contact us directly using the contact form. The message should include the following:

  • Your contact information;
  • What kind of product you would like: size/colour/finish/material;
  • When you wish for it to be completed by;
  • Some images of what you hope the finished product to look like or aspects you wish to be included…

After we receive your email we will contact you and then discuss together how the project should proceed. Each project is unique, so we will ensure that they are all carried out both with respect of our customers wishes in mind and respecting the Käinby 1925 brand.

Production – All products are made by Kim Henriksson, in his own workshop in Finland so all products are made within a homely environment rather than a factory, and made according to your requirements.

Materials – We use both old and new solid wood and by recycling old materials we manage to bring new life to them and create something new. It is important for us that our products are hand-made, and that all products have a story behind them so they are personal to their owners.

Price – Pricing of the custom furniture depends on many things such as the materials and time required to produce the item. However, we will give you more accurate information regarding your price when we know more about what kind of product you would like to have.

Delivery – We prefer pick up from our workshop: Käinby 1925, Vestrantie 7, 01750 Vantaa. Please contact us for inquiries about other delivery possibilities and prices.

Please feel free to contact us.


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